Month: September 2017

Learning about Earth

I promised students some extra help with certain subjects, particularly regarding current events. Climate change is a big issue and they need to learn more about the pros and cons. I started this blog to tackle the basic points to show that there are two sides to every question. Most of my class agreed that air purification, for example, is necessary to help those with acute respiratory problems due to poor air quality. Little do they know that these same purifiers, particularly the ozone type, can harm the atmosphere.

Apparently, there is some confusion about what is on the market and words like ozone generators and ionizers are bandied about and often mixed up. Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate these products despite some dangers? This is in addition to the fact that many simply don’t work as advertised. They are not a panacea for everything in your life.

The most common type of air purifier is the ionizer designed with layers of filtration to reduce indoor pollution. Here’s how it works. They attach negatively-charged ions onto positively-charged particles of dust or allergens. As a result, the affected particles drop out of the atmosphere. You must then vacuum when using your unit. The danger is that these ionizers can produce ozone.

Ozone sounds scary when you think about holes in the earth’s protective barrier (against the harmful rays of the sun). It is a gas found in the atmosphere while it is also present at ground level when air pollutants are spewed from power plants, automobiles, etc. At this level, ozone is harmful to the lungs. It exacerbates asthma and makes the body vulnerable to respiratory infection. Are you getting the picture?

Kids, listen up. It’s time to speak up against unnatural ozone creation. This happens with ozone generators or air purifiers. Who is fooling the public? I know they can remove odors from a room such as cooking and pet smells as well as making sure there is No More Smoke Smell, which is why they are popular. They make a room smell fresh and clean – the real smell of ozone.

Given what we know about the earth’s surface, it might be wiser to buy an air purifier with ozone-free technology so there is no byproduct from motors, computers, hair dryers, electric mixer, and ceiling fans, etc. Ozone output has been limited but who is checking your home? Why are air purifiers not regulated while appliances are? If you are guilty of using a dangerous product by, all means, replace it. You have other choices that are compliant with safety regulations.

It seems an easy decision. There are healthy ways to remove odors and pollutants to improve the quality of your life. The secret is the HEPA filter that rids the air of up to 97% of allergens without releasing one iota of ozone. You can have a safe and pleasant indoors.