Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming Session

I am active in the school community as a teacher in the great state of Delaware. I imagine that teachers in other areas have the same problems we do. The rest of you should also be able to relate whether you are parents or not. No one wants a poor educational system for today’s youth. We need constant support and supplies to supplement the meager funds allotted to us by the state government. Teachers get behind the school board to help fundraise several times a year.

One of the best ways to garner public dollars is to hold events that are entertaining so that people will enjoy themselves as they participate in a silent auction, a raffle, or other form of fundraising. The tickets to the event are the bulk of our earnings, and we advertise it in all the local Facebook pages. I volunteered to work the auction table and was on my feet in high heels for literally hours. The auction opened as people arrived and didn’t close until the last minute. We wanted to wait for motivating speeches to motivate latecomers.

A fellow female teacher was working the buffet and I saw that from time to time she would remove her shoes. I smiled at her knowingly and we got to talking. She also wore high heels to look elegant for the event patrons and we were both paying the price. I had met her at the brainstorming session, but at the time we both wore flats. Ha! Someone should have mentioned how long these evenings run as I was a newbie. As we got to comparing notes, she said that she had her own way of dealing with these situations and I begged her to tell me.

I put up with sore feet, she said, because I treat myself to a long foot massage at home. She reported that her loving husband had given her a really good appliance as a birthday gift for which she has been eternally grateful. Any woman who wears heels would feel the same way. Now I wanted to hear more. This is just what I needed, that very night. She said that she doesn’t fear these fundraising events when she has to work on her feet because there is relief in sight. No wonder she didn’t say anything at the brainstorming meeting. She had the problem solved.

Not me. I had to face a night of sore feet. She smiled and quickly offered to share her device if I would come over after the event. I was close to accepting, but was tired and wanted to go to bed. I would remember her words and shortly thereafter I bought my own foot massager from Higher Massage with all the bells and whistles.

It had attachments to promote circulation through the sole of the foot and to address the often-forgotten area between the toes. You can change the intensity of the application from low, then to medium and high. It had a vibrating button which was just heaven. I will also be grateful to my fellow teacher for her helpful suggestion.